Ultimate Fanj Through to the Final

We’re through to the final and now have just 6 days to get as many votes as possible – so vote now, share it on facebook and get tweeting!

ultimate | fanj is a new comedy web series currently entered in the Movie Extra Webfest competition and created by MAKEbeLIVE Productions and ginja ninja

It is set amongst the bustling fanj* scene of surry hills where two bevans* battle it out with the ultimate fanj* for true and lasting fanj-dom

ultimate | fanj is a story of love gone wrong, the danger of exclusivity and the power of friendship to overcome the obstacles of cool – but above all else it is a celebration of the fanj culture of surry hills

We are hoping to recruit some special ambassadors who can come onboard and help us to get this surry hills Fanj subculture on the map and our series on the air

So if you can say “I’m fanj and I’m proud” we need you to help us!

Join us on our facebook page and get twittering with us to get the chatter started about this phenomenal fanj culture – you can send us links, pics, vids, ideas anything you like we are gonna love and feel free to vote for us if you wanna help us win the $100K so you can see more!

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